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Author: Brian Selznick
Recommended Age: All Ages
Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN: 978-0-545-02789-2
Year Published: 2011
No. Pages: 637
Genre: Historical Fiction
Main Character Gender: Mixed
Read & Reviewed by: James

Wonderstruck is two stories in one that are linked together, and are 50 years apart. One story is told in pictures and the other is told in words. The first story, told in words, is about a boy named Ben. In 1977, Ben misses his mom, who recently died, and wants to meet his long lost dad. He discovers a clue he believes will lead him to his dad, so he runs away to New York City. In the second story, set in 1927, and in pictures, Rose longs for a mother who can't be there for her, so she sets of to New York City. Both Rose and Ben visit the Museum of Natural History. It is here that their parallel stories intersect.

The illustrations in Rose's half are amazing. Although there is no colour, I din't care because the details in each picture were outstanding. They were done in crosshatched pencil drawings, like the ones in Brian Selznick's last book: The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Even struggling readers can enjoy it. Each illustration leaves a clue and unfolds through a series of drawings interspersed with Ben's story. Although the book is thick, there are relatively few words making this a less daunting task for any reader.

I also like the theme of this book, and how it shows that even if you have disabilities you can still overcome them, no matter what challenges lie ahead. In this novel, both Rose and Ben are deaf but it din't stop them from pursuing their dreams.

I recommend this book to almost anyone. The illustrations were breathtaking, the story was exciting, and it was a quick read. I rated it a 9/10

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