A Million Suns

>> Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Author: Beth Revis
Recommended Age: Young Adult
Publisher: Razorbill
Year Published: 2012
No. Pages: 400
Genre: Science/ Dystopian
Main Character Gender: Mixed
Read & Reviewed by: Peyton

In the second installment of the Across the Universe trilogy, the ship Godspeed is lead by Elder after its oppressive leader, Eldest dies. The ship is in chaos and some of the crew is near mutiny.

It's been three months since Amy was thawed and almost killed in her cryogenic chamber. Since Elder is the new ruler, he is free to rule the way he wants and become a fair leader. Will Elder's leadership effect his and Amy's relationship and finding the secrets hidden on the ship? Once secrets are revealed, will Elder have no choice but to get everyone off the ship? And will his people and the Frozens work together on the new plant?

Each chapter alternates from Amy to Elder's point of view. I preferred Amy's voice because she's from Earth. I also connected with her because I felt the author expressed her emotions better. I also liked Amy because she's different from everyone else and doesn't listen to what she's told to do and stood up for herself even from the beginning.

Elder is only sixteen and many of the people aboard Godspeed want to take Elder's position as leader. Now that they can think for themselves, they don't see Elder as a worthy leader just because he was born into the position. I didn't find Elder necessarily a strong leader either. Previously, those aboard the ship where told what to do and when to do it. Now, Elder wants to run the ship as a fair leader but this doesn’t work out smoothly. I think these bumps on the road reflect the difficulty of establishing a democracy.

I liked how Beth Revis uses made up curse words to reflect the future. Even though they aren't today's words, it adds a believable and futuristic effect. Language changes over time so it’s not a surprise it would be different in Revis' world. I think both males and females will like this book because it has a male and female point of view. I rated it a 10/10 and, if you are like me, you will not want to put it down once you've started. This is the second book in the trilogy, the first is Across the Universe and the third is Shades of Earth.  

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