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Author: Meg Tilly
Recommended Age: Young Adult
Publisher: Tundra Books
ISBN: 978-0-88776-810-1
Year Published: 2007
No. Pages: 233
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Main Character Gender: Female
Read & Reviewed by: Megan

 Porcupine is a book about 12 year old Jack (or Jacqueline as her mother prefers), and her siblings. She is the eldest of three and has a special bond with her dad. When he dies in Afghanistan, Jack struggles to keep her family afloat as her mother sinks further into depression. Jack’s mom packs up the house and moves them all from Newfoundland to Saskatchewan to live with their great-grandmother. Their mother eventually abandons them and they fear that they will lose their great-grandmother too.

Porcupine was a quick read and it was a struggle to put down. Meg Tilly wrote this in first person narrative, from Jack’s point of view. This viewpoint allowed me to understand the situation more because I was able to delve more deeply into her thoughts and feelings.

I rated this book a 10/10 because every time I turned the page there was a butterfly moment which compelled me to read on because I wanted to know what would happen next. For example, when Jack’s mom was pulling out of the driveway leaving them there I wanted to know if she was just going for a short period of time or if she would be gone forever. At that moment, I hated her mother.

Meg Tilly is also an author of other novels such as: Singing Songs, Gemma, and First Time. She is currently working on another novel called Lucky.

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